Virtual World

Visit the virtual world of The Aqueerium found through the Space Elves Spaceport


  1. Paste the link you've been provided with in your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). Select "Enter Room" (more about VR headset options soon):

2. On initial use of Hubs, you will typically be asked to Accept or Browse available avatars. We recommend selecting "Accept" for the default Avatar offered. If you do decide to browse the other Avatars available, we do not recommend selecting "+ Create Avatar".

3. You may be asked whether you are using a supported VR headset. If you are just entering via mobile or PC device without a supported VR headset, select "Enter on Screen":

4. Assuming that you are comfortable with your microphone being active, select "Next", and then if prompted "Allow". You can mute your microphone later inside the room anytime.

5. Select "Enter Now" and/or adjust audio output settings.

6. We recommend you review the documentation on controls within the room. Basic controls include:

7. Once in the room, you will be able to:

  • Move around the Space Port and click on "Visit Room" above each gate to teleport to that location

  • In some rooms, you will need to type "/fly" in the chat window to fly and explore inside spaces

  • Teleport back to the Spaceport from the return link in almost all the rooms.

Getting stuck, need help or want to find out more? Email